Do I need to sign my child up?

All parents/guardians must complete a registration form for their child. The registration form is online and can be found here. Booking is not required to attend weekly youth clubs.

Why do I have to book sometimes?

During half-terms and school holidays, we provide Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) clubs for young people in receipt of Free School Meals. Spaces are limited and restricted, and therefore parents/guardians are required to book for each HAF club.

Is it free?

We will always endeavour to provide our youth clubs for free. Each of our youth clubs are funded through different means, and we are incredibly fortunate that the funding means we don't ask for entrance fees. 

It says for 11 year olds, can my 10 year old come?

Due to the developmental stages a young person goes through, we have to ensure that our youngest young people are not over-exposed to more mature themes. As such, we keep our youth clubs differentiated by age. Typically our youth clubs are for young people in school years 7 to 11 unless specified otherwise. 

Do I need to drop off and collect my child?

Dizzy Heights staff have a duty of care for your child once they enter the youth club. Before they enter, the responsibility remains with the parent/guardian, much in the same way schools operate. This is the same for when they leave the youth club. How they arrive and depart from the youth club remains the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

What activities do you do?

Each youth club offers a range of positive activities ranging from:

  • Pool
  • Table tennis
  • PS4 or PS5
  • Table football
  • Arts and crafts
  • Dodgeball
  • Music and dance
  • Other games
Is there free food?

Depending on the funding we have, we are sometimes able to offer hot food. If this is the case, this message will be advertised. If nothing is mentioned about food, it should be assumed that no hot food is available.

How many staff work there?

We operate on a staff to young person ratio of 15:1. For every 15 young people, there will be one member of staff. 

Can I volunteer?

We will conduct a DBS check for all staff and volunteers. On the basis there is nothing prohibiting you from working with or around children, and we have an appropriate position available, then yes, you should be able to volunteer. Please send us a message to discuss this further.

Why isn't there a youth club near me?

As we grow as an organisation we dream of being able to offer more youth clubs in the hearts of communities that need it. However, community venues that have availability are sometimes challenging to find. In addition, we then need to find funding to put the youth clubs on, which isn't always instantly accessible. However, when we do secure a new venue, we will contact everyone on our mailing list, as well as advertise on Facebook, so make sure you sign up.

Can you mentor my child?

Our youth clubs provide informal education opportunities and access to positive role models. Our mentoring programmes are typically secured via a school, local authority or referring agency.