Summary of how it works

a We discuss with the referring agency/individual to understand the concerns and then match the young person to one of our mentors

a We make contact with the young person and their family and arrange a first meeting

a We build trust, rapport and positive relationship

a We conduct a non-invasive initial assessment and put together a plan based on the needs of the young person

a We follow the plan, adapting as needed along the way, for as long as the intervention is requested.


Trauma informed approach to our mentoring

Our Dizzy Heights mentoring programmes follow methodologies and attachment aware theory to enhance learning outcomes. A trauma informed practice seeks to understand the mitigating factors surrounding a young persons development and therefore identify and address individual needs within the context of their behaviour and beliefs.

Application of trauma informed strategy seeks to “recognise behaviour as a form of communication” (Dr. Anne-Marie McBlain). In practical terms, this approach helps young people to regulate & manage their flight, fight, freeze and fawn responses. We can relate & connect with young people through an attuned and sensitive relationship, before finally developing reason, whereby a young person reflects, learns, remembers, articulates and becomes self-assured.

What our mentees report

Feeling positive about their future
Feel more able to make sound decisions
Feeling more confident within themselves
Increased feelings of happiness

Where does mentoring happen?

This is entirely dependent on the needs of the young person.

If a young person is struggling to cope with mainstream education and as a result displays behaviour that challenges, it might be appropriate to provide support in an educational setting. 

If a young person has been identified by local authorities/agencies of being at-risk of exploitation and has been known to make uninformed decisions, it may be more appropriate to provide mentoring during after school hours to engage in positive activities and hobbies.