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Community youth clubs play a vital role in fostering positive development and growth among young people


Social interaction and connection, skill development, healthy recreation, mentorship opportunities, sense of belonging


Community involvement, positive role models, personal growth and empowerment, safe and supervised environment…

Youth Clubs

Mentoring For Young People

Mentoring is a dynamic and reciprocal relationship between two individuals, where one, typically more experienced and knowledgeable, provides guidance, support, and encouragement to the other, often referred to as the mentee. Dizzy Heights provides experienced and qualified youth mentors for young people in:

A school setting if there are barriers to education

At home if there are barriers to safe and appropriate social relationships

In a clinical setting if there are barriers to emotion regulation


Why is it important?

Giving young people access to the resources that can help them to build confidence, find their voice and work in the direction of attaining growth and transformation.


Why is it important?

In promoting participation amongst young people, it has benefits for the young person themselves, the youth group and the community as a whole.


Why is it important?

Providing young people with diverse informal learning opportunities that stretch horizons, challenge thinking, develop skills and help make informed decisions.


Why is it important?

We believe in promoting equality, valuing diversity, and working inclusively, giving every individual the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination and placing a positive value on those differences. 

Our Purpose

What we try to achieve every day

To promote the advancement of personal, social, physical and emotional development for young people by providing informal educational learning opportunities and experiences in a safe environment.

Our Mission

Why we do this?

We are a team of passionate and experienced youth workers, counsellors, teachers, personal trainers, social workers, drug & alcohol specialists, health and wellbeing experts, therapists and experienced support staff who want to provide a high quality service for children, young people and families in our communities to achieve positive outcomes.

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    Want to get involved?

    We are always on the look out for individuals who want to give back to their communities through volunteering. Whether that's taking care of the tuck shop. taking names for attendance, or providing greater support for when young people need. We provide all of our volunteers with appropriate training and support.

    Want To Work With Us?

    If you have the skills and experience of working with young people and are looking for career opportunities, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.