Services for young people and families

About Us

As advocates for holistic health, we recognise the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, and social factors in shaping overall wellness.

Through a collaborative approach, we work closely with young people and families to develop personalised care plans that address their individual needs. 

What do we do?

We provide a range of services and support packages for young people, and if needed, the wider family:

What do these services mean?


Youth mentoring is a transformative relationship-based practice that empowers young individuals to unlock their full potential, navigate challenges, and thrive in various aspects of life. Rooted in trust, guidance, and support, mentoring fosters holistic development by connecting youth with caring and committed mentors who serve as positive role models, advocates, and allies.

Drugs & alcohol

Each of these programmes have been expertly designed to account for individual learner needs and learning styles. We use a range of teaching methods to encourage active participation and learning, which in turn enables young people to reflect and make informed and more positive choices about their health and wellbeing.

Behavioural Support

This encompasses a range of strategies, interventions, and practices designed to understand, address, and manage behaviour that challenges while promoting healthy development and resilience. We use trauma-informed practice to support sustainable changes.

Positive Activities

Engaging in positive activities can serve as a protective factor against risk-taking behaviours such as substance abuse, ASB, and violence among young people. Positive activities offer constructive alternatives to negative influences and provide a sense of structure, purpose, and belonging

Parental Advocacy

Parental advocates work to ensure that young people have access to essential resources, services, and opportunities necessary for development and success. This may include advocating for quality education, healthcare, mental health support, disability services, and extracurricular activities.


Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process of dispute resolution facilitated by a neutral third party, known as a mediator. It aims to help parties (often young people and their parents/guardians and wider family network) in conflict reach mutually acceptable agreements and resolve their differences in a constructive and collaborative manner.

Education Mentor

Our education mentors are experienced and supportive individuals who provide guidance, encouragement, and academic support to young people as they navigate their educational journeys. This can be done in school setting or out in the community, depending on the educational needs of the young person.

staffordshire county council
Kasey Whiting Staffordshire Youth Offending Service

Just wanted to say what great feedback we are getting from partners, practitioners and families about the work you are doing. Really great outcomes also with some very complex children

Parent Feedback

Thank you so much. Yesterday was a very emotional day but helped us as parents so much!

staffordshire county council
Olivia Brys Staffordshire Youth Offending Service

Just wanted to feedback on the amazing work that Dizzy Heights has done with the young person. I honestly didn't think this person would engage but they did and benefited from the support and effort that Dizzy Heights has put in.

Stoke City Council