Drug & Alcohol Education

Interventions in a school or community setting


Each of these programmes have been expertly designed to account for individual learner needs and learning styles. We use a range of teaching methods to encourage active participation and learning, which in turn enables young people to reflect and make informed and more positive choices about their health and wellbeing.


The programmes can be conducted over 1, 2 or 3 sessions, depending on the needs of the young person as well as the level of intervention requested. Specialist Services Lead, Kut Jodiyawalla, can discuss the level of intervention with you.

Cannabis Education

The Cannabis Education Programme is designed to address preconceptions, challenge myths & misinformation, and inform & educate young people about the use of cannabis.

Young people wiill explore the effects and dangers of cannabis use; explore how cannabis impacts on mental health; identify the different methods of using and the potential risks of each; outline harm minimisation (only if relevant); and discuss the social impact of cannabis use.


General Drug Education


Identify what a drug is; examine drug picture cards to identify drugs and talk about the risks and effects; explore laws around drugs and the implications on somebody’s life.

Differentiate between drug categories; compare a drug dealer to a ‘normal job’.

Alcohol Education

Alcohol Education sessions provide young people with accurate information that will better equip them to make informed decisions. During the sessions, young people will:

Dispel myths around alcohol and provide young people with accurate information; understand units and safe drinking guidelines (for over 18’s); ientify potential risks of dcrinking alcohol; discover the short and long-term effects of alcohol on the body; understand what to do in an emergency and how to use the recovery position; Create a safety plan