Summer Holiday Activities & Food ☀️

About HAF

HAF Programmes are funded by the Department of Education to support young people in receipt of Free School Meals throughout school holidays and half-terms. HAF codes are sent to parents/guardians and are used to sign-up young people to activities.

For the summer holidays, we have programmes across Stoke and Staffordshire for your child/young person to enjoy. The aim is to get young people active and eating a good, healthy meal 🍲🥙🥪


All of our HAF delivery in Stoke is managed through the Hubb Foundation Booking Site. Click the button below to be re-directed to the booking site.

HAF in Burton and Newcastle

All of our HAF youth sessions in Staffordshire are managed through the EEQU platform. Click the button below to be re-directed to the booking site. 


St Chad's Community Centre, Eton​ Waterside Community Centre, Stapenhill Shobnall Leisure Complex, Shobnall

Newcastle Under Lyme

Clough Hall Park, Kidsgrove Chesterton Park, Chesterton

What if you don't have a HAF code? ☀️

Extra places

To support young people who may not know where their HAF code is, may have not even be aware of HAF altogether, or simply want to get involved with positive activities to keep themselves entertained over the holidays,

we have some extra places in Chesterton and Kidsgrove that do not require a HAF code to book on. Follow this link and book specifically for youth sessions in Kidsgrove and Chesterton.