Staff Induction - sessional youth club worker

Welcome. We’re so proud to have you represent Dizzy Heights at our youth clubs.

The work you do will support children and young people across East Staffordshire and Stoke to develop in a safe environment, free from prejudice and discrimination, allowing them to express themselves freely and participate in activities.

The youth clubs operate on a not-for-profit basis, relying on external funding to cover the cost of equipment, venue hire and pay for our sessional staff. We do not directly employ sessional staff, instead we engage with staff on a self-employed basis. In practice, this means that following a period of sessional work, the self-employed staff will invoice Dizzy Heights Staffs CIC for the hours worked. 

We require all invoices to be submitted by the end of the first week of a new month, claiming for all the hours worked in the previous month. For example, a sessional staff member who has worked for 15 hours during June, will have until the 7th July to submit an invoice claiming for the 15 hours. Following this, Dizzy Heights will 

Please read the documents on this page:

  • Dizzy Heights Staffs CIC Safeguarding Policy
  • Dizzy Heights Staffs CIC Health and Safety Policy