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You may be aware that in2health and wellbeing CIC has recently made a successful application to Stoke-on-Trent City Council to obtain ‘The Yard’ via a Community Asset Transfer with the intention of re-opening it as a community facility. We are currently working with the Council to get the building back up to an acceptable and safe standard which we anticipate will be around May/June of this year. We will be working in partnership with Dizzy Heights Staffs CIC who will also be based there.

In the meantime we feel it’s important to involve residents and the wider community at the earliest possible stage and would value your thoughts, ideas, concerns and general input before we begin to operate from the facility. We are looking to form and support a local residents association / group that would play an active role in shaping activities and services for the local community.

‘We strongly believe that communities are best placed to understand their own needs and to develop their own solutions. By working with local people, agencies and partners and combining resources, skills and knowledge, communities can become places that thrive, where people take pride in their area. When people come together and act, they can improve their lives and solve the problems their communities face’.

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